Decaf Flavored Coffees

SLO Roasted's line of Flavored Decaf Coffees.

We start each batch of our flavored decaf coffees with a lightly roasted high-grade, decaffeinated Colombian Supremo Arabica bean. Then we blend in our premium flavorings to bring out each individual aroma and exciting flavor!

All of our coffee flavorings are allergen and gluten free!

Monthly Specials For August

Anniversary Blend***
$11.00  $8.95
Save: 19% off
King's Blend**
$11.00  $9.50
Save: 14% off
Scottish Toffee
$11.00  $8.95
Save: 19% off

Scottish Toffee Decaf
$12.00  $9.50
Save: 21% off