Gift Card Facts

If you have a giftcard

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to technical issues, we have temporarily disabled our online gift card system. If you wish to use your gift card to make a purchase, please call us with your order at 800-382-6837 or 805-528-7317. Thank you!

Secure Your SLO Roasted Gift Card

Protect Your Gift Card - Lost or Stolen

Protect your gift card from sticky fingers and prying eyes. Gift cards are same as cash, anyone can use them. We suggest writing down your gift card number and CVV code and storing them in a safe place. In case of loss or theft, contact us immediately so we can LOCK your card until you find it or we can issue you a new one!

Gift Card Balance

If you need to know your gift card balance, just give us a call and we can look it up using your cards numbers. Also, every time you use your gift card, you will see your remaining balance on the order confirmation page and on your order under your order history page.

Multiple Gift Cards

If you're fortunate enough to have received more than one gift card, congratulations! We can combine all of the balances onto one card. This is helpful since you can only use one gift card at a time when making a purchase from our store. However, you can use as many gift cards as you like when making a purchase from our Los Osos, CA retail shop.


Feeling a bit guilty for having too many gift cards? Want to share the gift card love with others? No problem, regifting is OK. Since SLO Roasted Coffee gift cards are same a cash, you can give them to anyone! That's also the reason why you should read "PROTECT YOUR GIFT CARD" above.

Purchasing Gift Cards

You can purchase gift cards here from our web store or from our Los Osos, CA shop, either in person or by phone.

Using Your Gift Card

Using your gift card to make a purchase is easy. You may either use your gift card on our web store or in person at our Los Osos, CA retial shop or even by phone.

If you are using your gift card on our web store, during the checkout process on the payment page, there is a place to enter your gift card number. You will also need to provide a secondary payment method to cover any outstanding balance after your gift card balance is applied. You will have a chance to review your order total and payments on the following order confirmation page before the final checkout process.


Note: To protect you from fraud when calling us to make changes to a gift card, we may ask you for the name and email of the original gift card purchaser for verification purposes.