French Roast ***


Victoria C
I moved from the Central Coast where I could buy this in the grocery store to Northern California where I can't. Coffee from anywhere is never better than this. That's why I order it in bulk from It's cost effective an life is just too short to drink bad coffee.

anne z
i love strong coffee!!
i know a good cup of coffee when i taste it!
i was raised in california and moved to colorado
and then on to the east coast.
everyone who knows me knows how opinionated
i am.........especially about coffee
the first time i tried slo roast french roast i knew i had found "MY" coffee.
i have a friend in colorado who orders your coffee.........she recently told a friend, "you want good coffee ?.......i'll get you good coffee." and had coffee shipped to a friend of hers in north carolina!!
the world does seem small sometimes
i like that you have kept your business the size that it is..........i believe that is just one reason your coffee is as good as i believe it is.