Colombia Huila Crown Jewel - 12oz. Bag

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Weight: 12 oz. Bag
Grind: Whole Bean
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Flag of ColombiaThis is an experimental double-macerated honey coffee from Huila, Colombia, produced by a small group of farmers organized around Terra Coffee.

The flavor profile is clean and complex, with notes of papaya, hints of floral tones such as lilac and spiced cider and an exuberant caramel sweetness.

Coffee Farm

Origin Information

Grower - 8 producers organized around Terra Coffee
Variety - Pacamara
Region - La Argentina, Salado, and Blanco, Huila, Colombia
Harvest - May - August 2021
Altitude - 1750 - 1950 masl
Soil - Clay minerals
Process - "Double Macerated Honey" - Whole Cherries macerated for 40 hours, followed by depulping, 12-hour fermentation, then dried for 25 days in mucilage on raised beds under canopy


We roasted this batch of Colombia to a medium roast. Depending on the grind and brewing method, this Colombia Huila Crown Jewel can produce notes of papaya, lilac, spiced cider and caramel.


As with most Top-Shelf coffees, we suggest using the pour-over method to maximized the aroma and flavor of this Crown Jewel coffee using a 1:16 coffee to water ratio with the water between 200F and 205F. Once grounds are placed in the filter, pre-soak grounds by covering with water for ~30sec to allow for blooming, then finish with either a steady pour or a couple of short pours to complete the brewing process.

Taste Analysis

By Chris Kornman, Royal Coffee

We’re head over heels for this incredible, complex, delicious experimental coffee from Huila. I love Southern Colombia arrivals in the autumn, and this is really one to celebrate. You don’t have to be a fan of Pacamaras or Honey Processing methods to get it, either (though it doesn’t hurt). The coffee stands on its own merits as a meticulously picked and processed microlot showing off a whole new side of Huila you didn’t even know you were missing. One sip and you’ll wonder where it’s been your whole life.

The bright, zesty acidity I think is what really grabs you right off the bat, but it’s not the thing that holds onto your attention. That’d be its complexity, and it starts out just subtle enough to evoke symphonic orchestration rather than cacophonous chaos. Papaya, guava, mango, and pineapple are some of the most unique, idiosyncratic notes we first notice, but there’s so much more. Floral notes reminiscent of lilac round a corner into warm seasonal spice, like a Thai iced tea or fresh hot spiced cider. A lingering, sweet finish of nearly equal parts caramelized and raw sugars completes the experience. It’s on my short list of favorite coffees of the year.

Producer Background

GrowersEver stop to think about all the variables that factor into creating a distinct, complex, clean and consistent community blend? Here is one you will want to dissect. With one-part terroir (from the coveted department of Huila), one part variety (Pacamara), one part processing innovation (double fermented), and one part farmer collaboration (the backbone of Colombian production).

This community blend with a vibrant regional profile and unique processing character was produced by 8 farmers committed to following a specific processing protocol (double fermented) to draw-out a pronounced fruit forward profile. Using their own micro-mill, each producer fermented their carefully harvested cherries for 40 hours before depulping and then fermenting again in tanks for another 12 hours. After this distinct process of fermenting, the coffee with mucilage still attached was moved to raised beds to gently dry for 25 days.

This is the hallmark influence of Terra Coffee SAS, which has been stepping in with innovative post-harvest strategies and cupping expertise throughout Huila and Nariño. Then Mastercol adds crucial logistical support for things like warehousing and milling so this lot can reach the international market.

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