Kenya Kirinyaga Rungeto AA

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Weight: 16 oz. Bag
Grind: Whole Bean
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Flag of KenyaOur Kenya Kirinyaga Rungeto AA comes to us from high up in the southern foothills of Mount Kenya. The rich red volcanic soil of the foothills is ideal for producing some of the finest Kenyan coffees.

Farmers in these fertile foothills who typically cultivate around 250 coffee trees on half-acre plots have been delivering cherry to the Kiangoi factory, which is one of 3 factories managed by an umbrella farmers’ cooperative society (FCS) called the Rungeto Farmers’ Cooperative Society. Smaller in size than other FCS, Rungeto has focused on quality processing and meticulous attention to detail, garnering it a reputation for amazing coffee and some of the cleanest and best organized factories in Kenya.

We roast our Kenya Kirinyaga Rungeto AA to a full-medium body roast. This gives a brewing profile a nice silky texture finish with well-rounded spice and fruity florals. Earthy overtones keep it grounded and slightly sweet.

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