Sulawesi (Celebes) Toraja - Organically Grown

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Weight: 16 oz. Bag
Grind: Whole Bean
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This organically grown Sulawesi (Celebes) Toraja comes to us from the Smallholder farmers organized around the Cooperative of Toraja Coffee Growers. The farmers are in the region of Buntu Minanga, Sapan, Buntu Pepasan, Toraja Utara Regency and South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

A bit of history: The name "Sulawesi" is thought to come from the combination of the word "sula", which means “island”, and the word "besi", meaning iron, possibly referring to the historical export of iron from the Lake Matano iron deposits. The island has also been referred to as Celebes, like the aforementioned sea of the same name. This name was given to the island by Portuguese explorers and may be a Portuguese version of the name "Sulawesi". The name "Sulawesi", however, was the name that became commonly used for the island after Indonesia gained independence.

Sulawesi Coffee Blossom

The flavor profile brings complex, mixed aromas of dark chocolate, pine, and orange peel and is roasted to a medium roast. Harvest is May through September and grown between 1400 and 2000 masl (meters above sea level). Considered to be some of the highest growing elevations in all of Indonesia.

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