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What type of green beans do you use?

We only use the finest Arabica green beans from select growing regions around the world in all of our single-origin and blended coffees.


How is SLO Roasted Coffee Decaffeinated?

The gourmet Arabica green beans that we use are first sent to Europe for decaffeination. For many years Europe has lead the way in decaffeination technology. Their unique process ensures that every cup is 99.97% free of caffeine.

The decaf coffees that we use are decaffeinated by the Direct-Contact decaffeination process. The green beans are steamed to bring the caffeine to the surface of the bean. The coffee is then treated with an organic solvent that bonds directly to the caffeine. The beans are then hit with steam to remove any traces of solvent or caffeine.

The coffee is then either air or vacuum dried to remove any moisture. When the process is completed, it is shipped to SLO Roasted 99.97% free of all caffeine.


How do you flavor your coffee?

The flavoring, or oil essence, is a liquid that is poured directly onto the beans. The coffee is thoroughly blended to ensure an even coating of the beans. This is done at the end day so we can start each morning with fresh coffee.

SLO Roasted uses a liquid flavoring to ensure complete saturation of each bean. This provides our customers with the highest quality flavored coffee available.



What does Co-Op Coffee mean?

This coffee is produced from cooperatively organized farmers.


What does Estate Grown Coffee mean?

This coffee is grown and processed on one farm or estate.


What does Fair Trade Certified mean?

Choosing this coffee directly supports a better life for farming families through fair prices, direct trade, community development and environmental stewardship. To learn more, visit www.FairTradeCertified.org.


What does Organically Grown mean?

This coffee is grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.


What does Shade Grown mean?

Coffee trees are planted and grow under a partial to full-shade forest canopy. Shade trees promote a healthy environment, reduce the need for fertilizers, pesticides, encourages wildlife and protect crops from frost.


Coffee Tips

Start with fresh clean water that is free of impurities. We suggest using one tablespoon per six ounce serving. You can later adjust the amount of grounds used to fit your personal taste.



We suggest that if you finish a bag of beans in less that 10 to 12 days store them either in the original bag or in a zipper-lock bag away from heat and light. If you plan to keep beans longer than this time frame, store them in the freezer to limit contact with air and moisture. Never store coffee in the fridge, where it will pick up off-flavors. For the best results, portion beans (whether storing on the counter or in the freezer) in small zipper-lock bags in a one-day allotments to keep air and moisture exposure to the barest minimum. Store ground coffee in a cool dry area away from heat or direct sunlight.