Morning Fog Lifter

Weight: 16 oz. Bag
Grind: Whole Bean
Sale price$16.00

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Waking up is important, but no one likes to be jolted out of bed. Morning Fog Lifter takes the job with a gentle hand. First, it entices you with its light mocha spiced aroma, and then lightly brightens your mouth with easy acidity. Its medium body keeps ushering you through your morning routine, and the lightly lingering flavor of toasted honey keeps the whole thing pleasant, and subtly sweet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
I’m hooked

I was so happy taking the first sip of this coffee and it was in my hotel room at Sycamore canyon hot springs resort. I loved it so much I had to get the mug and buy the coffee when I got home so I could savor the memory of that morning. Also bought several other coffees to try. I’m sipping on pacific rim now but when I make the fog lifter again, I’ll write a description of the flavor profile. It’s unique and delicious that’s for sure!☕️

Our Delicious Go To!

It’s the best bold flavor and yet it’s so smooth I get zero acid belly from it. Thankfully it comes in easy to use k-cups. Highly recommend it if you are having trouble deciding amongst their huge array of coffee choices! I love a full body, dark roast coffee and have tried others, but I always regret it! This Fog Lifter is the go to always! Love it!

Life Changing Coffee

Had this coffee on a swing down the coast and was blown away. Went and picked some up directly from the source, my only "souvenier" that I brought home. Then I ordered a few bags. Now I'm ordering more. Typically a darker roast can give me some acid issues, but this is so smooth and just has a great complex flavor. Definitely has become part of my morning routine. The only other coffee that has been life changing is the Maui Moka Goat from Maui Coffee Roasters. It's Exquisite. And also 56$ a pound! My coffee standard is quite high!

Beverly Ford
Best full bodied coffee!

I travel even to see my family in Morro Bay about 4 years ago, my sister & I picked up a bag for our stay.
Deep, rich, smooth flavor, just the right amount of caffeine & low acid to make this my favorite. Did I mention all the different flavors involved?? Wow!
I live in the Seattle area & yes, we have GREAT coffee up here, however since that first taste of Morning Fog Lifter I was spoiled & now order a few times a year for SLO, just for this coffee.
Perfect blend for me, thanks so much for perfecting the roasting time & bean combo!!
A believer in real coffee.


My first cup of Morning Fog Lifter was about 3 years ago while traveling in CA. It was served to me by Gretchen. It was heavenly. I had never heard of Morning Fog Lifter, but could tell it had been touched by an angel!