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Grind: Whole Bean
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Flag of Papua New Guinea

Introducing our Papua New Guinea AA roast from the Kimel plantation located in the Western Highlands of the Waghi Valley in the town of Banz.

The Kimel plantation was first established in 1974. The plantation has a permanent workforce of 432 and they are housed on the estate in bush housing. The estate also provides schooling for the children and medical facilities for the workforce and their dependents. Clean running water has been made available to the estate workers by way of a community project.

Since the estate is located along the Kimel River, from which it derived its name, it has access to good, clean water for the processing of its crop which continually creates quality coffees.

The estate implements some ecology-friendly policies such as the recycling of pulp which is returned to the fields as organic fertilizer, and the recycling of water used during the wet processing.

This batch of Papua New Guinea AA coffee brings complex, mixed aromas of hibiscus with hints of currant and chocolate. The flavor profile is that of Baker's chocolate, cinnamon and a hint of black pepper.

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